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Updated 22 April 2023

NOF 12

Here we list the Best Draft and Official Number of members who have supplied one. If not supplied or withheld then they are not here

If you are a member & wish to add, amend or remove your details please contact Iain Crawford

To use these lists press control and F on your keyboard, type the ship’s name or your number in the box that appears and press Enter. The ship / your number if present will be highlighted.

In accordance with GDPR & our privacy policy the RNEWEBA does not publish details or pass on contact details of any member without their explicit permission

To contact a person note their details, then e-mail either the Treasurer or Web master with more details, such as “I knew Smudge in Collingwood and he owes me a tenner” Include your contact details, with a landline ‘phone number. These will be forwarded to the member to respond to any potential contact if they want to

Treasurer or Web master will forward your request, on your behalf, to the member. You may need to forward a SAE if member has not supplied e-mail or phone number to RNEWEBA

These lists were correct April 2023 and will be updated when new lists are issued

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