Royal Navy Electrical
 & Weapon Engineering Branch Association


Updated  July 2022 nof 12

Royal Navy Electrical and Weapon Engineering Branch Association is the association to join if you served in the Royal Navy Electrical Branch, it’s predecessors or successors Electrical and Weapon Engineering Branch, at any time, level, trade specialisation, ship or establishment

Reunion & AGM for 2022 at Bournemouth


Venue - Trouville Hotel, Bournemouth, BH2 5DH

15th AGM & Reunion Weekend 2022

Friday 23rd – Monday 26th September

Booking details will be sent to members, there is also a form available to download HERE if required

 Newsletter June 2022 published

Please note a catastrophic failure with our web site occurred end of June 2022, we have now recovered and moved to another hosting company and believe all is working, but if you find problems please get in touch

Our new web hosting is by HAVENSWIFT who have been very helpful to us

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