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Updated  Dec 2023 nof 12

The RN Electrical Branch Association (RNEBA) was created in 2006 with the intention of reuniting old shipmates from the original Electrical Branch (1946).  The Association has now expanded to accept serving and veteran members of all iterations of the Weapons Electrical and Weapon Engineering Branches that have succeeded the Electrical Branch

Branch development over the past 50 years has seen the original Electrical Branch transformed on many occasions. 

In 1961 it became the Weapons and Radio Engineering Branch, then the Weapons and Electrical Engineering Branch in 1965. 

In 1979 a major restructuring of the Engineering trades resulted in the formation of the current Engineering Branch

Technological advances demanded the creation of sub specialisations to best serve each discipline and the Weapon Engineering (WE) Sub Branch was created to accommodate most of the personnel from the old structure with the remainder transferring to the new Marine Engineering Sub Branch as MEM(L)s. 

The WE Sub Branch was further amended with the creation of the Warfare Branch in 1993. Today’s structure was created in 2007 with the introduction of the ET(WE).  CIS ratings were also formally integrated on 01 April 2015

Membership Fee. The annual membership fee is 5 [Five Pounds]

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