Electrical Branch history updatesElectrical Branch history updates

Last updated Aug 2017

electrical branch block diagram
  • Notes:
  • All Artificer workshop training moved to HMS Sultan circa 1996.  Workshops disbanded HMS Collingwood
  • Operator Maintainers recruited as Operators (rather than Maintainers).  Not suitable for maintenance (the words I heard are not suitable for print). Change is afoot with Engineering Technician
  • Whilst the WEM(R) and WEM(O) status changed to OM the Artificer line continued and the OMs became tool bag carriers and even that proved a little difficult.
  • The term Mechanician ceased to exist 1980s sometime although training continued but end product were also called Artificers
  • Marine Engineering (L) were responsible for Power/Generation/Distribution etc.
  • By 2006 the name Artificer finished (see Engineering Technician Training Group (ETTG) - Pillar Block And Brunel Annex ).  All become Engineering Technicians with a mix of ashore and onboard training
  • Caveat: This is from Colin Bushell’s and others memory and therefore the facts may be a bit skewed.  Needs to be verified by serving members
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